10 Stretch Chinos Made To Move With You

by MR Magazine Staff

Menswear trends are at their all-time comfiest right now—especially when it comes to pants where 2 percent elastane is par for the course. Brands from Gucci to Banana Republic recognize the demand for fashion that moves with you, not against you, and they’re proving it by designing the hell out of this season’s modern fit stretch khakis. The slim chinos with subtle stretch will make you feel like you’re lounging, while still looking like your office’s most stylish exec. The best part: no pant is more appropriate for both on and off-duty settings than these new cool khakis (that’s right khakis are cool now). Wear them with a button down and blazer from 9-to-5 and swap in a flattering single-stripe tee à la Michael Fassbender for nights and weekends. Here are ten that will make you want to get moving. See more at GQ.