12 Asians In Fashion On What the Year Of The Tiger Means To Them

by MR Magazine Staff

Lunar New Year is always a joyous time filled with lucky food and red envelopes stuffed with cash. But for many Asians, this year’s holiday has taken on special meaning after a 2021 that was marred by pandemic-fueled anti-Asian racism. “We should unabashedly celebrate our heritage, because joy is the most resilient and radical form of rebellion,” says activist Amanda Nguyen, founder of Rise, who has been outspoken about both drawing awareness to the recent spate of violence and highlighting the successes of the community.

The holiday is celebrated by countries in East Asia such as China and Korea and Southeast Asian nations including Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Each year is represented by both an animal (there are 12) and a natural element (five in total), with the cycle repeating over time. 2021 was, fittingly, the Metal Ox—a time for hard work and enduring challenges. 2022 ushers in the Water Tiger, an animal that symbolizes vitality, strength, and a tempered aggressiveness. (The water element tames the big cat’s natural ferocity.) Read more at Harper’s Bazaar.