by Joseph DeAcetis

Mens Underwear Market Surges: 2022-2028

Today, the men’s underwear business is valued at roughly USD 30 billion dollars and is expected to have significant growth in the forecasting period, 2022-2028. A more detailed analysis of the underwear boom includes various segments such as health awareness, best fit, and personal hygiene. And with Gen Z and younger millennials both increasing their buying power, the competitive landscape of the global market is expected to grow considerably. The new product market dynamics and progressive drivers are suitable for regular wear as well as sportswear. Nowadays, men’s underwear is required to be functional. In fact, it is this hybrid functionality, that is fueling the demand while boosting market growth, and rightly so. 

All Photography: Christian Oita 

Driving the market, indicators such as consumer lifestyles and preferences lead the way. Nevertheless, there is increasing concern amongst American customers regarding the fabric used for manufacturing underwear. A variety of fabrics are being used such as cotton and cotton blends,  polyester, nylon, rayon, and silk. In the men’s underwear market today, it is Gen Z and younger millennials who are driving the demand as they are more receptive to new products that stand apart from product offerings of the past. New fabric selections such as viscose not only help reduce moisture but have the added bonus of regulating temperature. 

 2(X)IST recently launched “LIGHTNING”, a collection of performance-ready underwear pieces for style-conscious men. The new collection campaign features model/influencer, Michael Yerger. The new collection consists of re-imagined essentials meant for action. Made with proprietary Speed Dri® nylon fabric, the line is made with an ultra-lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable as you’re moving around and working up a sweat. 

Founded in 1991, the brand has grown to become known for its style-driven undergarments and innovative everyday essentials to align with men’s modern-day needs for comfort and performance. 2(X)IST  is known for harnessing the cutting-edge evolution of fabrics, materials, and technology to create underwear, swimwear, apparel, and even accessories.

In addition, the new collection is engineered and designed to help you show off your best assets. The line features designer sports briefs and ultra-comfortable underwear basics including; low rise briefs and low-rise trunks, as well as high-performance long boxer briefs.

“2(X)IST was founded in 1991 and has since been driven by change. Today our existence is rooted in innovation and we recognize the importance of it, to truly leading in the underwear space. We’re re-evaluating best-in-class decisions from just a few years ago to level up for the future.

There’s a host of rich and beautiful fabrics that exist today, but they don’t always hold and support you in the right places or move with you throughout the day. As underwear experts, we know that won’t work.

Through rigorous engineering and development, we’ve upgraded our fabrics for today’s customers and brand loyalists who move through their day and life scenarios with ease and comfort.

Today, we continue to create modern products for comfort and style with confidence embedded in every fiber we touch.”

When retailers invest in quality underwear, customers will be sure to notice positive results such as minimizing bulk so that pants fit wonderfully. And when men feel good underneath, it will raise their self-confidence.  More to my point, the super quality fabric allows the skin to breathe and stops moisture build-up. It also minimizes friction which in turn, lessens the chance of skin chafing and rashes caused by excessive moisture build-up throughout the day. 

Today, the key points of interest are cooling fabrics and moisture-wicking technology, testicular support, proper fit as well a big push towards greenwashing. 

With over 30 years of experience,  2(X)IST now pushes the envelope even further on what the brand believes sexy can feel like. In fact, it is this innovative approach to the underwear space that has cemented them as a celebrated brand.

I recently had the privilege to speak with model influencer Michael Yerger about why he’s all about feeling comfortable and feeling free, what he loves about 2(X)IST, and how one act of kindness can change someone’s life.

Joseph DeAcetis: How and when did you become interested in menswear, and modeling? 

Michael Yerger: Modeling was always something that interested me but it wasn’t until I was on CBS’s Survivor that I got my foot in the door. I was signed at age 19 after that, and have been doing it ever since. As far as menswear, I’ve always been into men’s fashion. I think there’s something very powerful about it, it allows you to completely transform and express yourself. I love how one piece can completely elevate the way you look and feel.

JD:  Talk to MR Magazine and their coast-to-coast menswear retailers, What advice would you give men just becoming interested in fashion and beginning to define their style? 

MY: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles! Fashion is all about trying new things and experimenting with patterns and pieces that bring out your confidence. And always remain true to yourself, that is actually one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. There are a lot of people trying to pretend to be something they are not, and that shows. Being humble, grateful, and kind will take you far in your life and career.

JD: In your words, describe to the viewers here, the reasons why you like 2(X)IST’s flex-worthy men’s underwear with premium design and support? 

MY: Before I work with a brand, I like to make sure that they fully align with me and what I believe in. I’m all about feeling comfortable and free, I think that’s why I like to go commando from time to time (laughs). What I love about 2(X)IST is that their underwear is super soft and moves with me. I’m very active, whenever I’m going for a jog in the woods or running to my next business meeting, I love to feel that extra support that 2(X)IST offers. Plus, their designs are next level, I mean, who doesn’t love good-looking underwear? 

JD: How does the new 2(X)IST innovative approach collection – align with your youthful energy and underwear fashion aesthetic?  What style is your favorite and why? 

MY: When I was approached by 2(X)IST for this campaign, I knew I had to be part of it! It’s such an iconic brand and being the face of their new campaign has been a huge honor; I’ve enjoyed the whole process, plus, working with (photographer) Christian Oita is always fun, he is an absolute genius. I’m a huge fan of their Speed Dri fabric, especially in their new Lightning collection – the colors and designs are very vibrant and the pieces offer good support without feeling constricted. I’m a low-rise trunk kind of guy, so if you are super active like me, check them out!

JD: As a macro-influencer with 818k followers, what message is the most important for you to convey to your audience?

MY: Always have a positive attitude and be kind to others, one act of kindness can change someone’s life! That is something that I always try to instill in my followers. I don’t take anything for granted, so I really want to be that energy that inspires others to be the best version of themselves and continue inspiring others to do the same!