2019 Will Be The Year JCPenney Flips — One Way Or Another

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s JCPenney’s turn in 2019. If 2018 was the year Sears finally succumbed to the inevitable, and the year before marked the beginning of the end for Toys “R” Us, then this new year will be all about JCPenney. Not that the retailer is going out of business, though that could be its ultimate fate. More likely, whatever happens to the beleaguered company over these next 12 months there will still be a JCPenney in the marketplace. But 2019 will clearly be the year when the attention of creditors, financial institutions and, perhaps most importantly, the company’s vendors will be most focused on what the retailer does to survive. And JCPenney will need to address all of their concerns—one way or another. Read more at Forbes.

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  1. Good article on the future of JCPenney. I especially appreciated the mention of the damage done to the chain by Ron Johnson, wonder kid from Apple.

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