by Michael Macko

On Friday we spoke with Jason Scarlatti, the creative director of 2xist, about the 25th Anniversary, the launch of women’s and how he keeps underwear interesting. Today we take you further backstage, into the (very ripped) belly of the beast. We speak to several top male models and ask them minutes before they walked out on the runway in their underwear,“What do you do (diet & exercise) to prepare for the 2xist show?”

Name: Patrick Rukai
Agency: Soul Model Management
Age: 30
“The most important thing is no alcohol, and no carbs before the show. Drink lots of water and run!”

Name: Walter Savage
Agency: Soul Model Management
From: Wilkes-Barr, PA
Age: 23
“I really don’t do anything out of the usual to prep, I cut some calories and I eat about six bananas before the show, I also eat tons of salt.” Why does he do this you ask? “You’ll see later,” he tells us. “The sodium makes the veins pop out.” We ask if it works, he says, “you tell me.” It does.

Name: Marian Kurpanov
Agency: Q Model Management
From: Bulgaria
“It’s all about your lifestyle, I don’t have to do anything to prep.”

Name: Jino Chun
Agency: Q Model Management
From: Korea
“No junk food and do cardio for 3 hours a day.”

Name: Tarik Kaljanac
Agency: Soul Model Management
From: Bosnia
“12 days before, no carbs, a lot more cardio the day of the show, take natural water pills and consume a lot of salt!”

Name: Nyle DiMarco
Agency: Next Model Management – LA
From: Maryland
Age: 26
“Well, I’m always on a diet, so my food plan for today is no different. However, I make sure I go to the gym before the runway and do (an) abs and chest workout!”

Name: Adam Caldera
Agency: Ford Models
From: Sri Lanka
Age: 23
I double up on my water intake, instead of drinking a gallon a day I drink two, I also eat a lot of candy the day of the show, for an glucose spike after working out, on Sunday I weighed 190, today (Wednesday) I weigh 174.”

Name: Parker Gregory
Agency: Wilhelmina
From: Houston, Texas
Age: 31
“If you pay attention to what you eat between New Years and Thanksgiving, you don’t have to pay attention to what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Years.”