3 Behavioral Trends That Will Reshape Our Post-COVID World

Typically, consumers’ supermarket shopping habits are stable and slow to change. When people do dramatically change their behavior around buying food and beverages, it’s usually driven by a major life event such as having a baby, moving to a new town, or changing jobs. The COVID-19 crisis is, of course, changing everyone’s life at once — and anyone who’s been to a grocery store can bear witness to the industry’s whiplash. During one week in March, U.S. grocery store sales spiked 77% over the previous year, while restaurant sales declined by 66%. In late April, grocery sales were still running 8% above average, with restaurants down 48%. Now, with the majority of U.S. states poised to reopen businesses, everyone is wondering what the “new normal” will look like when it comes to shopping, cooking, and eating. Read more at Harvard Business Review.