3 Reasons Why Coworking Is All Hype When It Comes To Saving Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

The potential messianic marriage of coworking and retail has stirred quite a bit of fervor recently, especially given WeWork’s recent move into the space with the debut of its WeMRKT retail concept and also its reported potential relationship with J. Crew. Unfortunately, regardless of the coworking company in question, this fervor is far more bark than it is bite. And for those who have hoped that further developments across the coworking landscape might inoculate the retail industry from the impending self-induced retail zombie apocalypse that is currently underfoot, please listen to the following words carefully: Calm. Down. The marriage of coworking and retail, while novel and possibly incremental on the margins, stands no chance of making a material impact on the performance of the retail industry. Read more at Forbes.