3 Retail Stock Investing Tips That Could Earn You Thousands

by MR Magazine Staff

Retail stocks are among the more appealing investments. They are generally companies that ordinary consumers are familiar with, and their financial reports tend to be straightforward, unlike, say, those in the energy or financial sectors. Because investors tend to be familiar with many of these companies firsthand, retail can be a sector where the average investor might have an advantage over Wall Street — you might have unique insight into a store you regularly visit that a professional investor wouldn’t have. Famed mutual fund manager Peter Lynch advocated for buying such stocks, and was proud that many of his best ideas came from visits to the grocery store or chatting with friends about a product they liked.Similarly, two of Warren Buffett’s favorite investment are Coca-Cola and Heinz, now part of Kraft Heinz, two products he is fond of not only as an investor but also as a consumer. Of course, liking a product isn’t enough on its own; investors should research a retail stock as they would any other investment. But there are a few guidelines that are particular to retail that can help investors make better decisions in the sector. Read more at Fox Business.