3 Things Startups Can Do To Survive The Economic Fallout Of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly evolved into a global glue trap. It’s developed a quasi-monopoly on our attention, our freedom, and our money. Surviving as a startup is a roller coaster under normal circumstances, so in times like these, do they even have a fighting chance? This virus has impacted business development. Major companies around the world, no matter how tall they stood mere weeks and months ago, are now scrambling to figure out their future. Out of necessity, they’ve shifted their mentality from progress to survival, temporarily turning their backs on innovation, strategic development, and new partnerships. The pandemic has impacted consumer purchasing habits. Supply chains have sputtered to a halt, factories and retailers have closed their doors, and who even has the spare cash to buy nonessential items as the stock market dips to nearly unprecedented lows? Read more at Fast Company.