37 Macy’s Stores Will be Open for 107-Hour Marathon

by Harry Sheff

Macy'sMacy’s announced that 37 of its stores in 11 states and Washington, D.C. will be open 24 hours a day—107 hours straight—beginning at 7am this morning, December 20, until December 24 at 6pm. Those stores include Macy’s Herald Square in New York; Union Square in San Francisco and State Street in Chicago.

Almost all other Macy’s stores (excluding furniture galleries) will be open until 2am nightly through the 23rd.

A Macy’s store in Queens, NY was the first to be open 24 hours straight during the holidays back in 2006. The following year Macy’s added seven more stores in NY and NJ, including Herald Square, for a marathon opening from the 21st to the 24th. After that, Macy’s kept adding more stores each year.

“Overnight shopping at Macy’s has become a holiday tradition that last minute gift-givers count on to get them through the time crunch of the season,” said chief stores officer Peter Sachse. “Our customers already love to shop with us for the best gifts, but they also love that our stores stay open providing them with the convenience of late-night or early morning hours so that they can shop when they choose.”

The 37 stores with non-stop hours will be in: California (two stores), Illinois (four stores), Louisiana (one store), Massachusetts (one store), Michigan (four stores), Minnesota (one store), New Jersey (five stores), New York (ten stores), Texas (six stores) and the Washington, D.C. area (three stores).

Macy’s Inc. operates about 800 stores in 45 states.