4 Retail Trends That Need To Die In 2019

by Stephen Garner

Nobody wants another store designed for the ‘gram. Seriously, brands. Cut it out. We don’t want more stores covered in kitschy wallpaper that is entirely designed to be a selfie backdrop. We were under the impression we were visiting a shop, not an oversized photo booth. We also don’t care for the third-rate art installation hanging in the middle of the room. No, if we wanted art, we would go to a real museum. We’ll all remember 2018 as the year that visiting retail stores got downright nutty. Rather than focusing on the mainstays of shopping–products and customer experience–brands spent a lot of time making stores a kind of carnival funhouse, with plenty of opportunities for customers to get great photos for social media. In fact, many brands seemed inspired by pop-ups like the Museum of Ice Cream or Candy-Topia, which serve no purpose but to provide backdrops for selfies. Read more at Fast Company.