4 Simple Ways To Curb Our Disastrous Addiction To Fast Fashion

It makes no sense to keep exploiting natural resources to feed an ever-consuming market, but this remains the nature of high-street fashion. Resources are finite—as is the space for landfill—but too often clothes shopping is about buying cheap soulless garments that end up being thrown away and not recycled. The modern fashion business is too often about forgettable commodities that exist solely for the sake of consumption. And in 2020, online sales grew at their fastest rate since 2007. Given that online shopping returns often end up in landfill without even making it to anyone’s wardrobe, this looks like a step in the wrong direction. Many argue that, after the pandemic, we need to shift towards a circular economy in which waste and pollution are removed from the system. Here, then, are four examples of clothing businesses that have been using lockdown to put this ideal into practice. Read more at Fast Company.