4 Ways Retailers Can Save Their Stores

by MR Magazine Staff

Brick and mortar stores are broken. You only have to look at the last few years of store traffic (flat or declining) vs. the last few years of online traffic (still going gangbusters) to know that stores are in trouble. Stores’s inventories are too broad when it’s likely more profitable to move some of that inventory to online distribution only. These oversized stores are designed for an obsolete shopping process – one designed to interrupt and place obstacles in front of shoppers in the hopes of getting them to buy more stuff, rather than one designed around convenience and helping a shopper accomplish her objectives. The bottom line for stores is they’re in trouble. And retailers are far too complacent about the amount of effort it takes to fix them. Macy’s and their millennial-driven revamp is a good start, but by the time they roll that out to all of their stores, millennial shoppers will have moved on. Stores take too long to change, and retailers simply don’t have that long – what shoppers want, and how they can get what they want, is changing too fast and stores are just not keeping up. Read more at Forbes.