by John Russel Jones

’47, a privately held premium sports lifestyle brand, is excited to unveil its new brand anthem, titled Since ’47, created in partnership with creative agency, Konvoy. As the new campaign marks the conclusion of the brand’s 75th anniversary year, it was heralded in with one last celebration as the company hosted a gala and retrospective fashion show at Fenway Park where ’47 founders, twin brothers Arthur and Henry D’Angelo, first began the business.

“At ’47, we know that every fan has their own story that’s just as meaningful to them as who’s on the field,” said VP of Brand Dave Zaleznick about the new brand campaign. “We wanted to use this moment to shine light on the passion and dedication they have for their favorite team, as it’s the same excitement and uniqueness that we put into our products.”

(L to R: The brothers representing ’47’s leadership team; Mark D’Angelo, Steven D’Angelo, David D’Angelo, Bobby D’Angelo)

The anthem focuses on how fans wear ’47 clothing and accessories in their everyday lives, showing how loyalty and love for the game is a part of who they are. The videos are rolling out in 60, 30, and 15-second spots across digital and streaming platforms this month.

“The ’47 brand has a unique name and history. It’s something that most fans might not have related to before,” said Gary Land, Creative Director of Konvoy. “That’s why we wanted to help people see their own story as part of the Since ’47 campaign, so they felt a stronger connection to the brand.”

The celebratory gala kicked off the new campaign and further solidified the importance of the brand’s 75-year history, as guests were treated to a fashion show of ’47 designs from past, present, and future. Among the styles featured included past collaborations with streetwear giant Supreme, current looks from an ongoing Rowing Blazers partnership, and hints towards a high fashion collaboration coming in 2023. The show concluded with a performance by Phunk Phenomenon dressed in head-to-toe ’47 gear.

Over the past 75 years, the brand’s goal has been to bring fans closer to their teams. ’47 focuses on quality and provides a way for fans to express their pride in a distinct and individual way. In addition to the campaign, ’47 recently released 75th Anniversary limited-edition capsule collections of the most respected franchises within the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA. These capsules paid homage to the leagues’ most historied teams with designs that included details and easter eggs that only true fans could identify.