by MR Magazine Staff

Thanks to the support of the Italian Trade Agency, 30 Italian brands are able to tap into Project Digital and NuOrder’s advanced digital capabilities, including custom digital catalogs, line sheets, in-platform ordering, and the latest interactive 360-degree virtual showroom technology, to more accurately tell their brand story and virtually present new collections.

Get to know some of these brands below.


Aurelio Di Cataldo offers cutting-edge manufacturing with its high-quality tailoring collection. The brand also offers made-to-measure tailoring and enjoys creating a unique garment for each customer. Its quality is so good, other famous international brands rely on Aurelio Di Cataldo as a partner for the production of their collections.


This offers handcrafted leather jackets made in Italy. The D’Arienzo brand has taken over the top Italian leather fashion, ranking a good position at the international level. The trademark‘s force is based on the quality of its high-quality raw material and its manufacture carried out by best qualified local craftsmen, giving an original mark to such a timeless piece of clothing.


Since 1984, this brand has been making leather bags for men and women in Vicenza in northern Italy. Del Conte sells its bags in Japan, Korea, Europe, and America with its own brand label or with private label. In fact, Del Conte offers a customization service that can make each model in the material and color that you prefer for your private label needs.


Enjoy Italia is an Italian brand specialized in the production of leather clothing, fur, and accessories. The company located in Solofra, in one of the largest tanning centers in Europe, skilfully combines the craftsmanship of a tailoring workshop with the creativity of a modern and dynamic style office. In 2018, Enjoy gave birth to KV Milano, a brand that stands out for the exclusive use of the highest quality leathers, entirely handmade, which fear no defects. Enjoy Italia Basic and KV Milano Exclusive are two 100 percent made in Italy collections.


At the turn of the 1950s, G. Inglese’s tailor shop began to write a great story that continues today, with the third generation. The brand prides itself on its unique approach to emotions, beauty, tradition, and craftsmanship that goes into its products that are appreciated in every angle of the world.


This rising young brand features all of your men’s jewelry needs, from cufflinks to bracelets and to pins. Each Jewels’ Joy style is entirely handmade and features different colors enriched with contrasting or mixing enamels laid by craftsmen.


Made with extremely soft yarns, Ploumanac’h sweaters boast vibrant colors and unique shades while keeping warmth and softness at the core of their features. Hand-painted, one by one, its storm-inspired sweaters bring artisanal artwork to a whole new dimension. By sourcing natural fibers, coloring its garments with artisanal techniques, and producing locally, the brand tries to keep its impact on the environment as low as possible, cutting energy consumption, saving water, and lowering carbon footprint.