7 Social Issues CEOs Will Prioritize In 2019

by MR Magazine Staff

In 2019, as in recent years, chief executives will certainly be wading into politics. This is, after all, the era of the activist CEO, be it Patagonia’s Rose Marcario or Chip Bergh of Levi’s. The public all but expects companies to take a stand: In a recent report, PR firm Weber Shandwick found that nearly half of Americans think CEOs can influence policy with their activism, while 77% believe CEOs should speak out when their company values are threatened. About 46% said they would be more inclined to buy from a company whose CEO is vocal on social issues they care about. For some founders and executives, social responsibility is baked into their company mission. We asked CEOs and founders in a number of industries about the social issues they will pay most attention to in 2019, whether it influences their businesses or not. Read more at Fast Company.