7 Style Rules To Break This Spring

by MR Magazine Staff

Rules are meant to be broken. Well, some of them shouldn’t be, because they’re, like, illegal. But those unspoken ones, especially pertaining to style and fashion, are up for grabs. The way men’s style is evolving nowadays constantly leaves the state of what’s cool and what’s not in flux because there are no more set requirements to meet. So the rules of yore that your grandpa, dad, and even older brothers lived by are dust in the wind, left to be interpreted by a new breed of men’s style advocates. The whole philosophy of personal style has, arguably, never been more relevant than it is today, with so much inspiration to pull from both on and offline. The menswear market is one of the fastest growing sectors globally. Why? Because more men care about their style and more men care about what works best for them. This all includes shunning old, fuddy-duddy rules that no longer apply. So, why not take them head on? See them all at Complex.