7 Ways Fashion Joined The Political Conversation In 2017

by MR Magazine Staff

Fashion and politics have always been intertwined, as has been made evident in everything from the history of the bob haircut to the path that led to women wearing jeans. But there are certain eras wherein that connection becomes much more in-your-face than others, and 2017 was definitely one such period. It was a year that saw one of the largest organized protests in American history, horrifying sexual assault claims that upended the longstanding power structures of culturally significant men, geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Russia and North Korea and scientists saying that climate change will kill us all even sooner than we thought. Considering all of that, it’s no surprise that those in the fashion industry were inclined to think about more than “just pretty dresses” this year. “Anyone who’s upright and breathing understands that this is a cultural moment like none other — the deep divisions we see in our government are mirrored and reflected back in sports, the arts, truly every facet of our culture,” Brent Franson, CEO of retail data firm Euclid, told Fashionista via email. “Fashion and retail are no exception.” Read more at Fashionista.