8 British Menswear Brands To Know Now

British menswear tends to be lumped into one of two camps. On one side, the institutions whose heritage extends back for decades, or even centuries: think of Burberry, Aquascutum, Mackintosh, and the tailoring houses that line Savile Row. On the other, the progressive and boundary-breaking designers that emerge from London’s fashion schools. In that camp, you could find most of the names that tend to cause a stir every time fashion week rolls around: Wales Bonner, Robyn Lynch, and Priya Ahluwalia, to name a few. But in between those two points, there’s an unfairly-overlooked third group. A growing number of rising British menswear brands are offering considered, pragmatic and refined pieces that can compare to any of the better-known ‘wardrobing’ labels coming from the U.S. Put simply, they’re making clothes you can live your life in. Read more at Hypebeast.