8 Designers To Keep Tabs On In 2021

Looking back at our predictions for 2020 feels faintly nostalgic, now. A year that we predicted would be dominated by tailored outerwear, sophisticated design and outlandish patterns was, of course, overshadowed by a Coronavirus that led to cancelled fashion weeks, postponed collections and, in some cases, brand fatalities. But the new year offers a chance to regain a sense of focus – and perhaps, even, hope. Despite the car crash that was last year, it was a successful one for brands including Marine Serre and Telfar, who in the face of adversity were able to defy the doom and report growth. Now, as the new year begins to peep its head above the horizon, our editors have cherry-picked the brands we’re most excited about for 2021. Let’s hope this year is a little more… predictable. Read more at Hypebeast.