9 Off-The-Radar Retail Predictions For 2019

by Stephen Garner

So much of retail is a gimmick. Just ask 2018. Massive sums are invested in immersive experiences that quickly lose their spark and in digital features that fail to make the experience easier. So more than 5,000 stores closed in 2018. In their valid bids to wow shoppers, many retailers just added complexity. Shoppers, however, want simplicity, and the unexpected efforts that will likely make a difference are those rooted in simply understanding the shopper’s path. Ah, but what a crooked path, and how frequently the shopper expects the retailer to lay some of the groundwork. To get a better sense of what retailers have up their sleeves for 2019, I invited retailers, advisors and suppliers to share their off-the-radar predictions for 2019. Read more at Forbes.