by John Russel Jones

9dcc, an emerging luxury brand founded in 2022 and renowned for its fusion of onchain innovation with designer style, has launched a new premium nylon bucket hat, the latest addition to its best-selling headwear collection. For menswear retailers, 9dcc’s new collection presents an exciting opportunity to diversify product offerings with a headwear piece that combines classic design with the latest technology. The brand’s decision to incorporate the bucket hat into its lineup will attract trendsetters and traditional consumers who value timeless styles.

This new item in 9dcc’s headwear collection uses transparent onchain (activities, data, or transactions that occur directly within a blockchain network) technology, which adds a layer of connectivity and functionality following the launch of the brand’s entire collection at Paris Fashion Week in February. In an era where limited edition items often find their way to aftermarket platforms like StockX, Grailed, and GOAT, this technology offers a new dimension of authenticity and ownership. Each bucket hat is embedded with a feature that verifies its origin and ownership history, providing a level of transparency that has yet to be seen. This connection reinforces the product’s value and builds a lasting bond between the consumer and 9dcc, making each purchase feel personal and exclusive.

While the technology verifies product ownership and authenticity, the embedded NFC chip creates a tangible connection between the wearer and the brand. For retailers, this means providing customers with a product distinguished by its style and innovative features that encourage consumer engagement, appealing to a diverse clientele ranging from tech-savvy younger consumers to more traditional buyers. Designed to be user-friendly, the bucket hat’s technology allows for accessibility across all consumers, regardless of their familiarity with tech, making it an attractive selling point.

A young label, 9dcc has earned a robust community of high spenders within the crypto-luxury audience by providing a unique and meaningful connection with its product holders. This community offers exclusive rewards and benefits based on engagement levels, with active members recognized on a points-based leaderboard reflecting their loyalty and activity. This gamified strategy enriches the consumer experience, promoting ongoing interaction and brand loyalty.

In addition, 9dcc has introduced the proof of presence program called NINES, which allows holders to create and collect customized tokens that are transparently recorded on the blockchain. This innovative program functions similarly to a business card exchange in the fashion world, enabling holders to verify and showcase their interactions and connections with others in the community in a branded format. NINES serves as a testament to their engagement and presence at exclusive events, further solidifying their status within the 9dcc ecosystem.

As 9dcc Buckets make their global debut, they are poised to become a standout item in the menswear market. By adopting this technology early, retailers can leverage the product’s unique selling points to attract a wide range of customers, from those looking for the latest in fashion innovation to those who appreciate the enduring appeal of the bucket hat. 9dcc’s commitment to blending tradition with innovation is evident in this new product line. The bucket hats are not just a nod to a classic style; they represent the future of fashion.

9dcc’s new bucket hats are set to redefine the headwear market once dominated by players including Kangol and New Era. The company hopes to reach global wholesale distribution in the coming months. With this new collection, 9dcc not only broadens its consumer base but also sets new standards in the industry. Menswear retailers will have the opportunity to offer a product that is both stylish and innovative, solidifying their position in a competitive market.