A Banned Yves Saint Laurent Documentary Is Finally Coming To Theaters 18 Years After It Was Made

by MR Magazine Staff

The history of Yves Saint Laurent’s eponymous fashion house is industry legend. An intense romance and business relationship between Saint Laurent and partner Pierre Bergé inspired no fewer than two feature films in recent years. It’s enough to make one wonder what actually happened behind closed doors. A forthcoming documentary newly released after being kept unseen for nearly 20 years finally eliminates the guesswork. Bergé contacted young French filmmaker Olivier Meyrou in 1998 and tasked him with creating a documentary about Saint Laurent. The project, entitled Celebration, took three years to complete with Meyrou constantly recording to garner a more intimate view of the fashion giant. Initially screened at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2007, Bergé found its content far too revealing and pursued legal action to impede its release. After he and Meyrou made amends years later, Meyrou received permission to release a slightly edited version two years before Bergé’s death in 2017. Read more at Robb Report.