by Karen Alberg Grossman

I heard it through the grapevine but these days, I’ll spread good news however I get it.

So here’s the note Andy Mallor from Andrew Davis Clothiers (Bloomington, Indiana) sent to Fred Derring at DLS. Congrats Andy on a well-executed fall event: hoping your example inspires others to do the same!

“Last February we concluded a great event with Samuelsohn, Stenstroms, Magnanni, W. Kleinberg, and Edward Armah. We were incredibly optimistic about the spring season, only to be shut down in a few weeks by COVID-19. Our fall event season started with basically the same line-up. We had no idea what to expect as the last many months have been down, some by as much as 50 percent, and traffic has been poor.

“We worked harder than ever contacting clients, confirming appointments, and spreading them out to reduce the number of clients in the store at a time. We had three sanitation stations and followed all state protocols. Edward Armah donated masks to all who attended so we had everyone wearing a fabulous ‘custom’ mask.

“The event was a total success! Almost all the appointments showed and we had some traffic from calls and emails. Everyone seemed happy to get out and there was clearly some pent-up demand. The reps did a great job and seemed as happy as we were to have a store of customers wanting to shop.

“We did not do as many sleeves with Samuelsohn as in February (pre-shutdown) but given the current appetite for clothing, we were very happy to do 12 sleeves and two custom trousers. We came very close to February numbers with Stenstroms and Magnanni, and did well over 100 Edward Armah items, almost matching the 114 we did in February. There was interest in sportswear. Clothing off the rack got no action. Joggers and activewear did well.

“So all in all, a positive sign. As Monty Python proclaimed in Spamalot: I am not dead yet.”

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  1. Bravo for working the phone Andy and team! TOUCHING the customer verbally is more important than ever. Way to follow the basics of selling and capitalizing on your relationships with your customers and core vendors as well!

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