A Hit With Instagrammers And With Investors, This Hard-To-Pronounce Swedish Backpack Brand Is On A Roll

Minimalism is a big deal when it comes to alpine backpacks and gear. Every unnecessary strap or pocket adds weight, makes the piece more confusing, less resistant to water, and more likely to catch on a tree branch or a jagged rock. “We’ve all had the experience of struggling to open a poorly designed backpack in the dark or the rain, or knowing we can’t put it down on a wet surface because everything inside will get wet,” said Steve Scott, director of the Kendal Mountain Festival, in the U.K., and an adventure sports specialist and former professional skier. Scott told Fortune that over the years he’s seen dozens of people—ranging from world-class mountain climbers to hiking hobbyists—cutting unnecessary parts off their equipment before using it. But he said he’s never seen anyone strip down a Fjällräven backpack. Read more at Fortune.