A Japanese Retailer Is Using This Polka-Dot Suit To Bring Its Custom-Fit Clothes To The World

by MR Magazine Staff

Start Today may not be a household name around the world yet, but the retailer is huge in Japan. It’s best known for operating Zozotown, Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce marketplace, which played host to a couple billion dollars worth of transactions last year (pdf). This year, Start Today officially launched its own private label brand, Zozo, which sells inexpensive basics, including plain crewneck t-shirts for 1,200 yen (about $11) and jeans for 3,800 yen (about $34.50). What separates Zozo’s clothes from others in their price range, though, is that they’re custom-fit. Start Today spent seven years developing its clothes-sizing process, which begins with the Zozosuit—a bodysuit covered in more than 300 stretchable markers that the Zozo app reads to come up with detailed measurements of your body. Today, the company announced that it’s expanding Zozo and its unique sizing solution to 72 different countries around the world. Right now it’s running a campaign to give away 100,000 custom-fit denim and t-shirt sets to promote the global rollout. Full, shoppable sites will go live in all the countries, which include Australia, China, Brazil, India, the US, the UK, and more, on July 30. Read more at Quartz.