A Large Chunk Of The Retail Investing Crowd Got Their Start During The Pandemic

The pandemic spurred a flood of new retail investors into the stock market and a survey from Charles Schwab attempts to estimate the size of this this new generation of traders. The broker found that 15% of current retail investors first began playing the market in 2020, based on analysis of about 500 investors. Schwab — which now hosts 31.5 million retail clients and $6.9 trillion in assets because of the retail investing boom — is calling the new wave of investors, “Generation Investor.” “A big part of this growth is Generation Investor – the large number of people who are bound together not by their birth years but by when they got started in their investing journey – who are now on a path to ownership and reaching their financial goals,” said Jonathan Craig, Charles Schwab senior executive vice president and head of investor services. Read more at CNBC.