A Look Into Vetements Archives In Lithuania

by MR Magazine Staff

Enter the subversive world of Demna Gvasalia’s Vetements. To get there, you have to journey deep underground. “I’ve always been interested in subcultures and how they’re represented in eastern culture,” says long-term collaborator and show stylist Lotta Volkova. For this issue, she joined photographer Andrew Miksys in his exploration of Lithuania’s secret discotheques – broken reflections of a Soviet past housed in former detention centres, office blocks and weapon storage facilities. “I am fascinated with the way those spaces and the people in them looked like they had really been stopped in time,” says Volkova of the shoot, which doubles as a mirror held up to Vetements’ own archive. “To see that side of eastern culture – it’s a courageous thing that it even exists.” Read more at Dazed.