A Luxury Smartwatch Won’t Last Forever. That’s Not The Point

I have a modest watch collection that includes about eight analog watches. I haven’t spent more than $300 on any of them. Three hundred dollars is already a lot of money, but for the past week, I’ve been wearing a smartwatch that costs $1,750: the Tag Heuer Connected. It has pushed me into a state of delirium. Should anyone ever spend so much money on a smartwatch? Yes, the watch is very nice. It sits elegantly on my wrist, with delicately carved out pushers on the sides of the stainless steel case. The gentle curves of the lugs ensure a comfortable fit, and while the rubber strap doesn’t feel as pleasant as I’d like, I’ve never felt an urge to loosen it or take it off. The screen is beautiful too, and protected by sapphire crystal, though it smudges up quite easily. Montblanc is also making a luxury smartwatch, the Summit 2 Plus, which looks gorgeous but also costs a lot of dough—$995 to be exact. Even if I sat within the ranks of the wealthiest people in the country, I can’t fathom dropping that much money on a smartwatch. It doesn’t help that I feel just as happy (if not more) wearing affordable smartwatches like the $295 Skagen Falster 3 or the $495 Movado Connect 2.0. Read more at Wired.