by Karen Alberg Grossman
Velasquez Family

On July 13th, MR wrote an article about the tragic death of Fiorelli Menswear’s Angela Velasquez, her husband, and their daughter, who all perished in Miami’s Surfside building collapse. Over the years, Angela had become good friends with Marcello Sport’s Michael and Darren Apel, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of on-trend, value-priced, upscale sportswear. Says Darren, “Angela was more than a customer to us and we were deeply saddened by her tragic passing.” 

Last week, in an emotional transaction, Marcello Sport finalized the purchase of the Fiorelli store. “We decided to maintain the Fiorelli store name out of respect for Angela and the tragedy that affected her family. In addition, we will retain Angela’s brother Jorge Palacio and another key employee, Daniela Panzacchi; both will continue managing the store. Jorge had worked alongside Angela for approximately 21 years, and Daniela for nine years. Both are exceptional individuals who, unfortunately, were greatly affected by this tragedy. They can now begin a new chapter in their lives as part of our family. With our help and resources, Jorge and Daniela will have the opportunity to continue the Fiorelli journey. We’re honored to add the Fiorelli store to our business and to nurture what Angela so lovingly built.”

We at MR wish the Marcello team tremendous success as they continue to grow their store footprint while honoring Angela’s legacy. And lots of good luck to Jorge and Daniela: Angela is surely smiling from heaven!

Darren Apel can be reached at darren.apel@fashionconcepts.com.


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