by Stephen Garner

A new sneaker subscription platform has debuted today. Called “KYX World,” the platform offers wide access to authentic, limited-edition sneakers and many more styles that have garnered worldwide hype. With a try-before-you-buy and non-committal sneaker access model, KYX aims to democratize access to rare sneakers with a new, more intelligent way to consume. Subscribe to KYX World and get fresh sneakers every month — wear them, and then choose to keep them, buy them, or swap them out for a new pair next month.

As drop culture has cultivated an exclusivity factor that has severely limited access for everyday consumers, KYX World co-founder and CEO, Brian Mupo, saw an opportunity to solve this issue and fill a whitespace in the market. “I believe KYX can and will become the platform where people from all walks of life go for their favorite sneakers,” said Mupo. “KYX serves as an authentic and inclusive representation of street and sneaker culture in a way the footwear community does not currently reflect.”

In addition to accessibility and affordability, KYX addresses the other limiting elements of the sneaker world — space and consumption. An unlimited desire to acquire everything of want is often met with the reality of limited resources, be it square footage, cash flow, availability, etc. Even though the allure of copping the latest and greatest is still high, the need to purchase and keep a pair of shoes that don’t get worn and strictly take up space is wearing down quickly.

KYX World executive creative director and sneaker connoisseur, Jeff Staple added, “You can always buy what you’ll know you’ll love, but now, with KYX, here’s a way to try out all the latest heat while saving space and money. I’ve been a fan of sneakers for decades and have been fortunate enough to build my brand in this space. I’m excited to be part of the KYX team as we help define the next evolution of the culture.”

KYX World Co-Founders_CEO Brian Mupo_COO Steve Dorfman

In bridging the gap between the almost unattainable, limited-release sneakers and everyday consumers who want to feel good in wearing said sneakers, KYX stands to disrupt the industry with the tried and true model of rental access that has been successfully adopted in consumer behaviors from cars to houses to clothing.

KYX offers four levels of access, starting from $49 per month up to $599 month, with the choice to opt-in to selections of brand new or lightly worn sneakers. The brand-new sneakers are never worn and 100 percent deadstock while the lightly worn sneakers undergo an extensive cleaning and sanitizing process, utilizing Reshoevn8r products, to bring them to a ‘near new’ appearance in between wears. The membership plans scale according to the total number of pairs allotted per month, as well as by value.

At launch, KYX has over 275 styles ranging in price from $200 to $2,000 on the resale market and is stocked with an inclusive run of both women’s and men’s adult sizing. Subscribers who don’t see a particular style or size are encouraged to reach out to KYX World’s Digital Concierge, Sloan. KYX World’s portfolio of sneakers includes Air Jordan Off-White x 5 SP Sail, Air Jordan Union LA x 4 Retro Off Noir, Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Clay Brown, Nike Dunk Low Community Garden, among many more. 

Poised to contend with the ever-growing resell market and new purchasing platforms introduced by footwear brands, KYX World has raised $1.75 million in seed funding to drive its unique strategy to redefine how consumers interact within the sneaker culture. The early-stage funding is fueling the company’s efforts to maximize inventory for customer acquisition as well as software development to continuously elevate the user experience for their growing number of active subscribers, which stands at an impressive 900+ at launch.