A Silicon Valley Stylist Shares Her Secrets: Allbirds Are Out, Scruff Is In, And Khakis Were Never Okay

by MR Magazine Staff

For men working in the tech industry, fitting in usually means subscribing to a style aesthetic — that is, wearing the Silicon Valley uniform, which consists of a plain T-shirt, jeans, and austere sneakers. Thousands of aspiring tech entrepreneurs mimic this look, often worn by tech icons like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Evan Spiegel, in the hopes that they will eventually earn similar cachet. But dressing like you don’t care without actually looking sloppy is, in fact, an art. And so for the past two decades, men in the tech industry have turned to stylist Victoria Hitchcock. A Bay Area resident, Hitchcock started her personal styling business at the peak of the dot-com boom in 1999, after working in business development and sales at several big tech companies. These days, she dresses employees at Facebook, Uber, Google, and Apple, as well as venture capitalists and investment bankers; she also dresses newly minted tech guys looking to “go from boys to men,” as she describes it. Read more at Vox.