A Very Mobile Christmas?

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s no secret that mobile is becoming increasingly important in consumers’ shopping journeys. Retail brands as diverse as Target and Neiman Marcus have alluded to the pivotal role that digital plays in driving both their online and physical store sales. And of course when we say “digital” often we mean mobile. In fact, for many retailers, mobile is becoming the front door to the store. If a just-released study by Adobe Analytics proves to be correct, this holiday season an important milestone will be reached. For the first time ever, more US shoppers will visit a retailer’s site using a mobile device instead of a desktop computer. Because conversion rates remain higher on “traditional” devices, the amount of actual purchases done on desktops will still exceed those done on a smartphone or tablet. Though that’s not likely to be true very much longer. This shift is profound and mirrors what other studies have shown about the growing integration of mobile devices across all dimensions of retail. For example, Deloitte has been tracking digital’s influence on physical store shopping and their research shows that in 2016 some 37% of all brick & mortar sales were influenced by a mobile device. It seems certain that number will easily surpass 40% this year. The reasons this year’s holiday numbers are so important are two-fold. First, and most obviously, it’s the busiest shopping time of the year, so shifts in customer behavior are amplified. Second, for consumers seeking great gift ideas, in many cases, they’ll be visiting new or infrequently trafficked sites. A poor (or even less than remarkable) experience can have a significant impact on customers’ future buying intent. Read more at Forbes.