Is Activist Advertising The New Frontier?

by MR Magazine Staff

Tradition will tell you that a woman’s place is in the home and a retailer’s place is out of politics. But as with everything else in the modern world, that’s changing. Women are taking on leadership roles in way more than just the household and, more and more, retailers are sharing opinions on political and social issues. What would have been taboo 20 years ago is now becoming just another way for retailers and brands to form more meaningful connections with customers — and since our closely-held social and political beliefs have powerful meaning, that could be a pretty powerful attachment for a brand to make. “Customers will be even a little bit more forgiving or accepting, or go a little bit more out of their way if they have that emotional connection,” Lauren Bitar, director of retail consulting at RetailNext, told Retail Dive. “Otherwise it’s like, ‘where can I get this as cheaply and quickly as possible.'” Read more at Retail Dive.