by Stephen Garner

Adelante Shoe Co. will open its new flagship store in Boston on Monday, February 15th.

Located at 321 Newbury Street, the new store will be the first brick-and-mortar location from the made-to-order footwear brand founded by Peter Sacco, a 29-year-old Boston native. The store will feature the brand’s customizable, made-to-order shoe services as well as select styles available for same-day purchases.

“The Newbury store brings an experience that is unique to each person who comes in,” says Sacco. “Through an immersive shopping experience, customers will be transported to Pastores, Guatemala, where our shoes are made to order. On-site customization truly brings the brand experience full circle and creates a connection to the craftsman and the impact each person has on each multi-generational cobbler’s own life.”

Peter Sacco

Handcrafted in Pastores, Guatemala by multi-generational cobblers, Adelante delivers its made-to-order shoes to customers in 10 days. In addition to offering classic colors and styles, Adelante also offers unlimited choices of size, width, and aesthetic customization.

Founded three years ago, Adelante catapults craftsmen and their families out of poverty and into the middle class. The cobblers employed by Adelante, are paid above what is known as “The Living Well Line” – a social impact methodology that is used to define the relative cost of living well in a given community anywhere in the world. The methodology works by balancing an econometric analysis of World Bank data with individual interviews to define the goods and services needed to live well in a specific location. Paying over the Living Well Line equates to paying more than double the market rate in Pastores.