Adidas Continues Its Push For Futuristic Footwear Dominance

by MR Magazine Staff

You might not know it by the look of them, but the sneakers you see above are actually based on an Adidas prototype from the ’90s. Back then, the signature Tubular outsole—named for its resemblance to a tire’s inner tube—was prohibitively expensive to produce. But when Adidas finally introduced the first modern-day Tubular in 2014, the sneaker and its relatively accessible $110 price tag proved a smash hit. Now, the Tubular series is hitting a more mature phase of its evolution, and that original model has been supplemented by an ever-expanding stable of futuristic variations. This Thursday, the brand is launching four new versions: Tubular Doom, Tubular Viral, Tubular Weave and Tubular Nova. You can see all of them in the video above, which, aside from the sneakerhead eye candy, features a pretty great soundtrack and some very stylish apparel from the German sportswear giant. It’s all part of the Tubular’s ongoing advertising campaign, which is dubbed—you guessed it—”Future.” (Because honestly, what the hell else could it be called?) See more at Esquire.