Adidas Designed The Silhouette Of Its Latest Shoe With Instagram In Mind

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s a common sight on Instagram: a low-angle shot of a sneaker with a soft, flexible knit upper that hugs the foot. The shoe style is hugely popular at the moment. When people want to show it off in pictures, they often plant their feet flat, toes pressed down to create a silhouette with a smooth line from the top of the foot to the toe. That stance was front of mind for the designers of Adidas’s newest sneaker, the Deerupt, which releases on March 22. It’s a lifestyle shoe with running roots that date back to a 1979 style, the Marathon, one of the last that the company’s founder, Adi Dassler, worked on himself. The updated shape of the Deerupt, though, has actually been designed specifically to look good on Instagram. “We increasingly see Instagram pictures where people shoot their sneakers with their foot planted down, making sure that the toe is pressed down,” Adidas’s global senior design director for its Originals line, Oddbjorn Stavseng, told the fashion and sneaker site Highsnobiety. “So when you see Deerupt, you’ll see this same ‘toe-down’ effect, which was a purposeful design choice.”Instagram has become a huge gathering place for sneaker fans. The visual focus makes it ideal for sneaker blogs and individuals to upload an unbroken stream of shoe photos, including plenty of those toe-down shots that inspired the Deerupt. Read more at Quartz.