After Mass Shooting In Its Store, Walmart Takes Action By Banning Video Game Displays, Not Guns

by MR Magazine Staff

Last Saturday the tragic mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart left 22 people dead after a shooter opened fire. That shooting came only a few days after two Walmart managers were killed by a gunman in a Walmart in Southaven, Mississippi. As usual with mass shootings in America, after the news of the El Paso shooting emerged, fear and anxiety spread throughout the country once again—that turned to anger at the senseless loss of life, followed by “thoughts and prayers” that will surely help this time. In other words, nothing has changed since the last mass shooting. Except for Walmart’s outlook on the cause of gun violence. The company has long been one of the largest gun resellers in America, and, at first, it seemed like Walmart would stand idly by and not take any action. Just two days after the El Paso massacre, Walmart announced it would not stop selling guns in its stores. But now, after a week that saw two of its managers and 22 of its customers slaughtered by gun violence, the company has finally decided to take action against the root cause of gun violence. In a dramatic U-turn, Walmart has announced it will ban . . . displays and signs of violent video games in its stores. Read more at Fast Company.