by MR Magazine Staff

AG has launched ‘All The Feels,’ a capsule honoring Mental Health Awareness Month. Retailing for $18 – $82, the capsule is a gentle reminder that millions of people are impacted or struggling with mental illness. ‘All The Feels’ features an assortment of striped tees, a hat, socks, and patches depicting a generalized set of emotions. The patches serve as a token to recognize and accept that those around us are all wearing different emotions, inside and out, and an appeal to be kind and patient. They include a winky face for happy and playful, a cloud for moody and sullen, and a heart for affectionate and loving moods with packaging that reads, ‘Wear your emotions on your sleeve, or anywhere you can iron them on.’The assortment is offered in two women’s striped tees and one men’s striped tee, as well as a unisex baseball cap and 3-pack of socks. The tees and hat come with a pack of three patches, a heart, winky face, and cloud, to be ironed on wherever desirable. The socks feature stitched artwork on the outside ankle and are sold as a 3-pack, one of each emotion. For those who want to wear their feels elsewhere, the patch pack is sold separately with one of each emotion. In support of the capsule, AG has launched an additional assortment of classic stripes and solids to complement the story and broaden the assortment, including a variety of tees, tanks, a maxi dress, men’s pullover, and striped socks. Additionally, AG will be auctioning the 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe featured in its Spring 2022 campaign and donating a portion of the proceeds to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health, in support of destigmatizing mental illness and creating a world where all people affected can experience hope, recovery, and wellness. AG’s Spring campaign theme centered around the adventure and escape found on the open road. The underlying motif is one of encouragement and support of celebrating life and living in the moment. The mental health conversation has never been so ubiquitous as it is today, in large part thanks to the many organizations, such as NAMI, helping to bring mental health into the spotlight while offering support to those suffering and in need.