Why The Age Of The Customer Is Far From Over

by MR Magazine Staff

In the words of Harvey Mackay: “No business can stay in business without customers.” The customer is the centrifugal force holding a business tight to its core; more and more, customers demand to be heard, and businesses can either listen and respond or watch their audiences shift to companies that do. But who is best suited to advocate for the customer, bring their perspective to light, and ultimately act as the communication channel between the business and those to whom they sell? It’s a big job, perhaps the most important job in an organization when you think about it in respect to customer retention, acquisition, brand building, and more. According to Forrester Analyst Sam Stern: “We describe this era as the ‘Age of the Customer.’ Companies need a team or person to be at the heart of these efforts. Subsequently, this allows others across the organization to understand how their role ultimately affects the customer. When this is implemented successfully, what you get is a customer-centric organization.” Read more at Inc.