Ahead of the Spring 2025 Collections, Tim Blanks Looks Back at 20 Years of Covering Men’s Fashion Online

Believe it or not, this Menswear Fashion Week marks not one but two decades of online men’s fashion coverage at what is now Vogue Runway—feel old yet?

It was the spring 2005 season when Men.Style.com launched, expanding the reach of Style.com into menswear territory. “It simply felt that menswear deserved the attention,” said Tim Blanks when I invited him to take a trip down the Style.com memory lane. Blanks joined the site that season, covering the men’s shows in Europe before adding New York to his plate for the fall 2005 collections. The way Blanks—ever the most evocative of fashion writers—describes it, in the mid-2000s menswear was a hotbed for creativity, with New York as its epicenter. Read more at Vogue World.