Alan paine reintroduces cricket sweaters for spring ‘19

by Brian Lipton

Alan PaineBritish apparel maker Alan Paine is resurrecting its classic cricket sweater for spring/summer ‘19. The sweater, which will be available in a long-sleeved and a vest option, is a cable-stitch knit pullover with a v-neck that is made of heavy cotton. It will be available in cream, white or off-white with colored bands along the v-neckline and optionally bands on the sleeves as well as the lower waist. The long-sleeved sleeved model will retail for $175 and the vest will sell for $165.

In the early 20th century, Alan Paine’s father, William, taught himself and others to knit and began to manufacture knitted garments, creating cable knit sweaters. Within a few years countless English school, university and services teams purchased their cable knit sweaters from Alan Paine. By 1920, Alan Paine was supplying quality menswear shops and specializing in adding the trim to the plain cable sweaters. Before long, the club colors were worn by every cricket, tennis, and rowing club in England.

Soon, even members of the country’s royal family, specifically the Duke of Windsor, could be seen wearing this sweater, and in the 1950s, Alan Paine was asked to produce the official England cricket team sweater.

In addition, the company has kept detailed records of the many club and college colors that were used to make these sweaters, and colors from the archives will be added to future collections.