by Stephen Garner

Alanui welcomes us to “Alanui Island” for spring/summer 2022, a tiny paradise of joy, happiness, and endless good vibes.

Get ready to dance to the tune of mood-lifting music, take waves with its new customized surfboards, lay down on sandy beaches with the brand’s multicolor towels, and sing by the bonfires wrapped in Alanui’s warm blankets, chilling on its maxi soft cushions.

Alanui’s multi-cultural, inclusive island welcomes suggestions from around the world, from Hawaii and Jamaica, with its colors, graphics, and music, to the Pacific atolls. Mother Nature, and especially the sea, inspires everything the brand does, providing it with the peaceful soundtrack of its chilled days and influencing its fresh, laid-back look.

Here on the island, Alanui is trying to become more and more sustainable. Currently, around 30 percent of the fibers it uses to craft its fun and luxurious garments are green: they are regenerated, recycled, and treated with techniques enabling it to save water and reduce its carbon footprint.

Forever fascinated by vibrant colors, for the spring/summer 2022 season Alanui looked at the different shades of the sea and of the sky to find inspiration for its lineup, which, season after season, is expanding to offer a full wardrobe of men’s styles.

Its signature cardigans continue to steal the spotlight. They are rendered in new color variations, show patchwork of bandana motifs, as well as rainbow stripes, or feature multicolor graphic intarsia echoing Alighiero Boetti’s tapestries.

Alanui’s laid-back, surf-inspired look is effortlessly conveyed through knitted sets, featuring hoodies, comfortable pants, and shorts. Denim pants and jackets that are stone washed or crafted from regenerated cotton are also offered and paired with a cool leather biker featuring a lived-in effect.

The brand also matches Baja sweaters and crochet hoodies with bandana shorts and maxi cardigans enriched on the back with precious embroideries, while it opts for Toile de Jouy shirts celebrating the happy vibe on the island.

Alanui teamed up with The Rolling Stones on a capsule collection of cardigans and crewnecks featuring their iconic tongue and lips logo this season. The brand also worked with Suicoke on a fringed slipper.