by Stephen Garner

Popular German trouser brand Alberto is gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022. And its new summer 2022 collection does disappoint when it comes to pants that integrate technology at every level. From the high-tech Hybrid Sports Pants to digital prints to the Red Selvedge, which is produced on narrow looms in the old Japanese tradition, Alberto’s newest collection is not one to miss.

“In 2022, we’ll be celebrating 100 years of Alberto, an emotional event,” said Marco Lanowy, managing director at Alberto. “Instead of an anniversary collection, we prefer to keep doing what has made our company successful for 100 years: giving tradition a new face by modeling the future with innovative products.”

With the introduction of the Hybrid Sports Pants range two seasons ago, Alberto began to offer multifunctional styles that increase the performance and safety of their wearer on any terrain. For next summer, the Mönchengladbach-based company will be presenting a hybrid cargo style in the Japanese-minimalist outdoor style called ‘Pack.’ This is a winner with both the Revolutional and the Coolmax Superlight fabrications, and not just thanks to smart detail work. The trousers are also breathable, temperature-regulating, quick-drying, dirt- and water-repellent, and also protect against UV rays. While the mesh lining provides even more comfort and airiness, the front and side cargo pockets offer plenty of storage space for everyday essentials. And speaking of pockets and storage space: if you need or want to minimize the size of your pants while you’re traveling for reasons of space, you can do it in just a few simple steps. Just roll up the trousers, stow them comfortably in the large, integrated zipped back pocket and carry the package casually with the shoulder strap, or store in a suitcase or jacket pocket – it’s that small.

“Cyclists, golfers, and hikers appreciate the Hybrid Sports Pants mainly because of their features, but at the same time more and more customers are turning to the styles for purely fashion reasons,” added Lanowy. “For me, the new ‘Pack,’ which can be rolled up and packed into the zipper back pocket, is a real highlight of the collection. I’m curious to see what kind of feedback we get here.”

And, don’t miss the brand-new Made in Japan Coolmax Superlight fabric. With a weight of just 160 grams/running meter, it doesn’t just weigh less than half as much as the competitor 3xDRY Cooler (325 grams/running meter) fabric, it even makes the previous record lightweight Revolutional (285 grams/running meter) fabric look pretty heavy in direct comparison. It goes without saying that this new fabric is also washable throughout, extremely quick-drying, temperature-balancing, and completely water-repellent. For the 2022 summer season, Alberto is presenting four pants made of Coolmax Superlight in its bike and hybrid sports series: the ‘House-K,’ the ‘Fresh-K,’ the brand-new ‘Pack,’ and the ‘Jump’ – a chino with drawstring and reflective tie straps that has also just been added to the range.

Since 2015, Alberto has offered pant options for those who like to bike in their daily lives. Fast forward to the 2022 summer season, and the company is presenting a new collection that fuses tried-and-tested functional features with tech qualities, featuring an integrated anti-slip band, stretchy waistband, high cut design in the seat area, and cleverly positioned reflectors. In addition to casual and business jeans and chinos made of temperature-regulating and dirt-repellent 3xDRY Cooler and extra-light breathable, quick-drying, and UV-resistant Revolutional, the range now includes jeans made of Dryarn, an extremely light performance denim that not only has an authentic look, but also has properties that support wild riders on bikes over short distances as well as long ones. Also, be on the lookout for the Sportchino ‘Bike Jump’ with reflective cord, the ‘Limit’ with adjustable press studs at the leg ends and, the Bike ‘Pack’ with mesh lining and cargo pockets, which can be rolled up in a few easy steps and conveniently stowed in the large integrated zippered back pocket.

And, the brand is continuing to do its part to enact more sustainable practices in its line. Alberto notes that it works primarily with organic cotton and recycled yarns from Italy, and fair working conditions throughout the production process are being used. The brand also added that its denim for summer 2022 is made of soft organic cotton with elastane in various washes.

“We already work very intensively with organic cotton and recycled yarns on the basis of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, but it’s always an ongoing process,” concluded Lanowy. “I find it very exciting how much is currently happening in the area of sustainable materials and finishes. This gives us the opportunity to close our gaps in sustainability bit by bit. We think it’s important to develop a long-lasting, unique product in an ecological, humanly respectful, and fair way. For us, these are self-evident facts. We don’t really want to emphasize them anymore, not least because we don’t deal with the issue of sustainability for marketing reasons, but because we consider it our duty to do our best in this area.”