by Stephen Garner

Hims & Hers has partnered with Alex Rodriguez to launch The Blur Stick – a new skincare solution developed specifically for men.

Built to complement fan-favorite Hims products such as the Goodnight Wrinkle Cream and Customized Acne Cream, the new Blur Stick features premium ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe extract packaged in a sleek, travel-friendly tube that glides on quickly and provides long-lasting coverage for a diverse range of skin tones and textures.

On the hunt for a product that could help him look and feel his best, covering the occasional blemish or dark circle without sacrificing on quality or convenience, Rodriguez realized there were few options on the market for men. As an early investor, Rodriguez turned to the skincare experts at Hims & Hers, knowing the team could develop an innovative product to meet this need. The result was The Blur Stick – a small-but-mighty concealer that applies easily across the face and neck to provide moisturizing, sweatproof coverage whenever and wherever the need may arise.

“Since I met the Hims & Hers team, it was clear to me that they were revolutionizing telehealth and direct-to-consumer products,” said Alex Rodriguez, chairman and CEO of A-Rod Corp. and investor in Hims & Hers. “Like other Hims & Hers products, accessibility and convenience were central to the development of the Blur Stick. For years, I have been looking for something I can use to touch up a blemish or razor bump quickly and discreetly, and the Hims & Hers product development team has delivered it.”

Sharing more about the decision to create The Blur Stick, Hims & Hers co-founder and CEO Andrew Dudum added, “Breaking through stigmas and addressing ‘embarrassing’ topics head-on is core to what we do at Hims & Hers. To some guys, a few pimples or razor burn might seem like no big deal, but for many, it’s something that can really weigh on their self-confidence and there weren’t many viable solutions out there to address that. I’m so grateful to be working with Alex on bringing this product to life and I think it will help a lot of people feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.”

The Blur Stick is available in eight shades ranging from fair to deep and comes packaged in a sleek container with a screw-top lid that makes carrying it throughout the day mess- and hassle-free. The tube—the size of a lip balm—has ingredients that soothe and moisturize while providing quick, smooth coverage that can seamlessly hide dark undereye circles and camouflage blemishes in a matter of seconds. The Blur Stick is the newest addition to the Hims & Hers suite of skincare products that also includes a selection of moisturizers, serums, and supplements along with access to customizable Rx solutions for anti-aging and acne.

The Hims Blur Stick, which retails for $22, is available exclusively at