by Stephen Garner

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Apollo 11, the first crewed space mission to land on the moon, Alpha Industries has teamed up with Pintrill to create a jacket inspired by the space race in 1969 and the parallels it shares with the current space race to Mars.

The Pintrill x Alpha CWU 45/P Space Race Flight Jacket, which retails for $300, is adorned with pins and patches that pay homage to space memorabilia from this period. The unique details on this jacket were inspired by stamps, posters, and merchandise meant to inspire hope of a world beyond earth.

“An evolving goal of our brand is to continuously align ourselves with partners that pay homage to programs like NASA,” said Steve Sun, product development manager at Alpha Industries. “Pintrill is a brand that we’ve enjoyed collaborating within previous seasons, so when this organic partnership opportunity arose it was no question that we want this to be the first of our fall 2019 drops!”

“For this project, it was important for us to not only remember the past but also look ahead to the future, to continue to push boundaries and explore the unknown,” added Jordan Roschwalb of Pintrill. “We’ve never worked on anything like this before, so we wanted the jacket to have a deeper meaning for us and for those wearing it.”

This limited-edition jacket is now available in small quantities.