by Stephen Garner

Amazon Fashion has launched “Made for You,” a new way to shop for a custom-fit T-shirt.

For just $25, shoppers can create a T-shirt to their exact measurements and style preferences using their mobile device. The Made for You program provides various customization options, from a selection of eight different colorways to the preferred sleeve and shirt lengths, necklines, and fabrics.

Creating a T-shirt takes only a few minutes – customers provide their height, weight, body style and take two photos [in the Amazon app]. Customers can then customize a T-shirt’s fit, fabric, color, shirt length, sleeve length, and neckline, as well as a custom back-neck label.  Customers are also able to visualize the custom T-shirt on a virtual body double before purchasing.

Made for You is available to all Amazon customers in the U.S. and can be accessed via the Amazon app. 


  1. Steven: Amazon is the world’s largest panopoly. Every cent spent there damages every brick and mortar business, indeed, damages the American economy. Why are running ads for them? Why do you ever tell us ANYTHING about the wonders of Amazon? Consider my tome to be challenging, but not hostile. This company is to be taken down, not extolled. I just don’t get it.

  2. Even worse today. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, fighting to eke out what we hope for (WAY less than last year, this year is a write-off). During this time, Amazon grows by $70 billion, seizing market share, growing their infrastructure, adding niches to exploit.

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