Amazon ‘Doesn’t Have Private Labels Cracked,’ Report Says

by MR Magazine Staff

Amazon claims more than 80% of consumer conversions against other e-commerce sites across diverse product categories, and that continues to grow as much as 14% quarter over quarter, according to a new report from analytics firm Jumpshot. Amazon has the highest conversion market share with “one-click commodity” product categories, according to the report, which was emailed to Retail Dive. Some, including batteries, have the highest quarter-over-quarter growth, with cleaning supplies growing 13%. But higher-priced product categories like kitchen and dining grew just 4% in the period, according to Jumpshot. Much is made of Amazon’s private label prowess, but Jumpshot presents a mixed picture. AmazonBasics accounts for 88% of its private label conversions, and it leads only in electronics (which are nearly half of those purchases). Take out AmazonBasics, and the e-commerce giant owns just 7% of conversions market share. “Amazon doesn’t have private labels cracked,” the report notes. Read more at Retail Dive.