Amazon Prime Day Kicks-Off Holiday Shopping Projected To Hit $9.9 Billion

Holiday 2020 will be an extended shopping season starting with Amazon’s Prime Day on October 13th and 14th. Many other retailers will be following suit to compete for the customer’s dollars over the two-day period. Last year Amazon Prime Day raked in $6.93 billion worldwide and is projected this year to do $9.91 billion. The Prime Day event will be the top day in terms of sales for the 2020 holiday season. U.S. Prime users last year were 124 million and will increase this year to more than 142 million, surpassing 50% of the U.S. population. Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst of eMarketer, said in an interview,” Prime Day is a coordinated industry-wide event with other retailers planning promotions to compete with Amazon for shoppers’ attention.” The value of each shopping interaction in holiday 2020 will be higher than in 2019 as customers are making fewer trips to the physical stores but spending more dollars per trip. Chris Dessi, vice president Americas and Australia of Productsup, stated, “With Amazon Prime Day occurring in October rather than July, consumers will certainly take advantage of the deals and two-day shipping to cross items off their holiday shopping list.” Read more at Forbes.