Amazon Sellers Are Organizing Against The Retail Giant As The FTC And DOJ Continues Their Anti-Trust Probe

by MR Magazine Staff

Third-party sellers quietly power Amazon’s retail dominance. According to a recent analyst note from Morgan Stanley, Amazon’s third-party business is worth $307 billion of the company’s $1.1 trillion enterprise value, comprising 58% of all merchandise sales. Meanwhile, the first-party platform is worth $93 billion. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos raved about third-party sellers, which he described as mostly small- and medium-sized businesses, in his 2018 letter to the shareholders. From 1999 to 2018, these sellers had a compound annual growth rate of 52%. On eBay, those same small sellers had a CAGR of 20%. “To put it bluntly: Third-party sellers are kicking our first party butt,” Bezos wrote. “Badly.” But third-party sellers who spoke to Business Insider aren’t exactly feeling the same love towards Bezos as he professed to them. Read more at Business Insider.